Ruvi Challenge – 30 days to a healthier you

Ruvi Challenge

During a pandemic, many people have lost their body shapes. As long as the situation is getting better, people are getting back to the fitness track. Have you also gained much fat or lost your gains in the past few days? Then here we brought Ruvi challenge for you. You might have attempted different funny challenges during the lockdown, but the Ruvi challenge is totally going to change your lifestyle.

The Ruvi challenge is based on health and fitness goals. There are two major requirements of the challenge; drinking any of the Ruvi blends and exercising for a specific time period on a daily basis. The challenge period is of 30 days. It means you have to remain consistent with the requirements for the 30 days. After remaining strict to the challenge, you will surely see significant progress towards your health goals.

In this article, we are going to discuss the Ruvi challenge in detail. By going through this page, you will come to know what a Ruvi is and how it is beneficial for your health? We have also listed the benefits of the Ruvi challenge. Whether you have become super skinny or an ultimate fat person during quarantine, this challenge will help you out to maintain your physique.

What is Ruvi?

Ruvi is getting much popular nowadays. It is a juice brand that comes up with the powder of 100% natural fruits and vegetables without the involvement of sugar, preservatives, and other chemicals. Choosing Ruvi is like picking fresh vegetables and fruits from the farm.

How are Ruvi blends made?

Ruvi blends are made by choosing fresh veggies and fruits from the farm. After selecting the goods, they are rechecked by experts. Later, they are stored in a freezer and ground for long term use. Even Ruvi is much affordable to purchase as compared to other juice brands. The expiration dates of the Ruvi juices are less because they only contain the natural items. 


It is very easy to find Ruvi blends for online order here. Every fruit and vegetable is ground in the powder form. You don’t need to cook, boil, or chop the blends. Simply, open the packet, add the powder in the grinder or a water bottle, and enjoy your healthy drink.

A diverse range of flavors:

The best thing about the Ruvi drink is its number of flavors. You will find a diverse range of the blends by switching to the Ruvi. Now, you don’t need to wait for a specific season to enjoy your favorite fruits or vegetables. Just visit any of your near grocery stores, and purchase a Ruvi blend of your choice.

Ruvi drinks feature a variety of blends according to the fitness goal of a person. Whether you are looking forward to becoming shred this summer or gaining some muscle mass this year, Ruvi blends to help you achieve your goals.

How are Ruvi blends different from the ordinary juice drinks?

Finding another juice brand like Ruvi is difficult to be found because they only pack natural items. Ruvi blends are the best choice for fitness freaks or athletes. Even you can also replace your high caffeine energy drinks with Ruvi for better results and workout performance. When it comes to the turn of the quality, taste, and health benefits, none of the juice brands can beat Ruvi.

Ruvi blend is 100% natural

If we talk about other juices, they are another form of the chemicals. Such drinks contain harmful preservatives that can affect your hormones, bones, and even the muscles. Nowadays, a new generation is becoming physically as well as mentally weak because of the usage of fake juices. Don’t worry; it’s not too late. You can bring improvement in your children’s health by adding Ruvi blends in their diet.


Another most significant difference between Ruvi blends and other juices is the price. By comparing both items, you will find Ruvi blends more pocket-friendly. Even the ordinary juices are a little bit bad in taste, but for the Ruvi blends, it will feel like you are eating the fruits or the vegetables. While drinking this extraordinary blend, you will feel the tiny chunks in your mouth.

What is the Ruvi challenge?

Here comes the most interesting as well as the main part of the content. Till now, you have read about the Ruvi blends, and you might be searching for the Ruvi challenge details. The Ruvi challenge is really entertaining, and by getting serious about this challenge, you can easily bring your body in good shape. 

The time period of the Ruvi challenge is 30 days. The challenge is very straightforward, and it comprises of two main objectives:

  • Drinking a single blend of Ruvi every day for a continuous 30 days.
  • Do 30 in 30.

Drinking the Ruvi blends for 30 days

The first task of the Ruvi challenge is very simple, but making a selection of the blend may seem pretty hard. You must be scheduling the flavors according to your fitness goals. Every blend has a different effect on your body. You will find blends for fat loss, muscle gain, and mass gain, and it totally depends on your preference. 

If you are thinking to eliminate some fat from your body, then going for the carrot, Fuji Apple, and Pineapple would be the right choice. Now, the hard gainers wouldn’t struggle anymore because Ruvi’s flavor collection also includes Banana, Mango, and Butternut Squash. Select the top flavors keeping in view your fitness goals and join this challenge today!

Do 30 in 30

The second task of the Ruvi challenge is quite daring as compared to the first one. You have to do exercise for 30 minutes. Well, the task is not just for a single day; you have to remain consistent for 30 days. You aren’t bounded to the specific workout routine; choose any of the workout plans according to your body type.

Making videos and sharing them with the official team of the Ruvi are not the requirements of the challenge. But you can post your growth pictures on social media, and don’t forget to tag @getruvi as well as using #rethinkyourdrink, #drinkyourcolors, and #ruvichallenge.

Why should you become a part of the Ruvi challenge?

After going through the Ruvi challenge details, a question: Why to go for the Ruvi challenge might be popping in your mind. Well, the biggest prize is the dramatic improvement in your health. If you follow the challenge , you’re sure to immense health benefits. There may also be prizes and discounts specially planned for the Ruvi challenge.   

How is the Ruvi challenge beneficial for your health?

Ruvi challenge is totally unique from the other challenges or daring tasks. The main objective of this challenge is to bring your body back into shape in 30 days. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this challenge is like a fitness program. There are many prizes, special challenges, and other twists in the Ruvi challenge that will keep you engage with it.

Benefits of drinking Ruvi blends

Boost energy levels:

By getting strict to the Ruvi challenge’s first objective, you will feel a lot of improvements in your energy levels. Ruvi blends contain all essential nutrients that boost your energy and make you physically and mentally fit.

Better immune system:

By consuming multiple nutrients through the Ruvi blends and burning your calories during 30 minutes of exercise, you can improve your immune system. A strong immunity system is a sign of a healthy body and mind.

Improve brainpower:

A mind is the strongest organ of your body. By following the Ruvi challenge, not only are you going to feel changes in your body, but your brainpower will also improve. The Ruvi blends like Blueberry, Grapes, Strawberry, and Spinach are the best options in this case.

Benefits of doing 30 minutes exercise:

Indeed, Ruvi blends will help you out to maintain your figure, but for the rapid results, the 30 minutes section is added in the challenge. You can train any of your muscle on the regular basis for the 30 minutes. The muscle training can be done through weight training, cardio, or Yoga. This workout section will help you out to maintain the blood flow in the body. In addition to this, your flexibility and stamina will also get enhanced. So, not only drinking the Ruvi blends is enough, you should also be working out for 30 minutes consistently.

Do the Ruvi blends contain all of the essential nutrients?

As we explained before, Ruvi blends are just the powder form of the fruits and vegetables. Eating fresh goods and drinking Ruvi blends are absolutely the same. You don’t need to prepare a special drink or to purchase a grinder. Simply add the powder in the water, shake gently, and your healthy drink is ready.

There are multiple nutrients present in the Ruvi blends. Here are some of the essential nutrients that you will find in this product:


Proteins are the building blocks of muscles. There are some of the fruits like bananas that are high in proteins. Now, you can consume a huge bunch of protein through the Ruvi blends. Even you can also use the banana, mango, and butternut squash’s blend to gain more muscle mass.

Vitamins and Minerals:

Fruits and veggies are the best sources of vitamins and minerals. As you are getting all-natural stuff in the Ruvi blends, so of course, they are rich in multivitamins and minerals. There are some of the vitamins like D3 that are most important for the body. Now, your body will not lack vitamin D3 anymore just by switching to the Ruvi juices.

Other nutrients:

Other nutrients, like zinc and fiber, are also crucial for your health. Such nutrients support the digestive system of the body and keep your bowel always clean. By using Ruvi blends, you will remain safe from diseases like weak eye-sight, constipation, piles, and hair loss.


Pandemic is near the end, but many people have lost their shapes during this time period. To bring back their physique to the desired shape, Ruvi blends has started a fitness challenge. This challenge is straightforward to follow. On this page, we have shared every single detail related to the Ruvi challenge.

What is a Ruvi challenge? How to join it? All these questions are covered here. On the successful completion of the challenge, the top 3 position holders will get a lot of prizes. Other than the Ruvi challenge, we have also discussed the benefits of using the Ruvi blends. If you are thinking of coming back on the fitness track, then taking a start with the Ruvi challenge is the best option for you. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start a fantastic fitness journey with the Ruvi team.

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